Happy friday with Leonardo

Hi freakzz !!

Here comes another fully loaded friday,,
Leonardo Da Vinci .. his masterpiece “The Last Supper” made a rumble in the world. What is the fact behind his artz ? It took 4 years (1495 to 1498)for him to complete and he was trying out his newly invented technique know as tempera (egg yolk and vinegar) plus oil painting ON dry plaster so that he could retouch and use more colors.

Initially some argued he was using the FRESCO technique. Fresco is a way of painting were the plaster is made wet first and then painting on it. When the plaster dries up the paint is mixed and permanent. This technique had a color limitation and cannot be retouched coz once the plaster is dried then its like playing with gluezz 😉

Herez a copy of “The Last Supper”

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